Good Deals Don’t Have To Wait For Cyber Monday

As an online shopping addict, I’ve always loved Cyber Monday. The only thing I don’t like about it, really, is the fact it only comes once a year. Well, I aim to change that with this site. Here I intend to list some of the greatest internet deals and steals on Home Improvement and DIY type products as well as local deals people living in and around Portage, WI can take advantage of.

Who doesn’t like saving money, right? If you own or work for a business and you have a deal you would like to share and get the word out on, please go here.


Wisconsin Badgers T Shirts, Apparel, Gifts & More

wisconsin badgers t shirts

wisconsin badgers t shirtsA great new place to shop for Wisconsin gifts, T-Shirts, Apparel and a whole lot more is The new site features an exclusive selection of Wisconsin gifts and clothing that’s not sold in stores. Plus it’s all outstanding quality stuff!

The owners were tired of seeing poor quality garments sold at WalMart and other big box stores. You know what I’m talking about. Those cheesy t-shirts and hoodies that shrink to mouse like proportions the minute you throw them in the dryer. sells only high-quality Badgers t-shirts, Home apparel, jewelry and more. It’s geared towards men, women and even our little cheese headed kids! Check it out this holiday season!

Tick Alert! Attention All Gardeners And Landscapers

Many of you remember how bad the ticks were last spring. Well, this spring is supposed to be even worse. People working outside in their yards, gardening or landscaping should load up on bug dope starting now. I actually had 3 ticks on me last weekend after a jaunt through a nearby field to collect some boulders for my front yard landscaping project.  Luckily they were wood ticks and not their evil cousins the deer tick.

As you know, it’s these little deer ticks that are tough to see and can spread lymes disease to us humans and our canine and feline companions.  If you look at the lymes disease map here, you can see that WI is one of the worst states to live in for lymes disease.

And don’t forget to treat your pets for lymes prevention as well. Any dog or cat is at rish when it’s out in the yard. Be sure to keep your landscaping well trimmed, and avoid areas of unkept grasses where ticks flourish in the spring.

New Portage WI Area Events Calendar


I just got word that the Portage WI chamber of commerce now has a live area events calendar on their website here. For folks looking for things to do on the weekends and during the week, this is a great tool to use. There’s lots of activities at the library for kids too, and plenty of things for adults.

If you know of any events coming up around the corner and would like to have them posted on the events calendar, ask a staff member at the chamber for assistance.

Free Steak Dinner At Johnny’s Steak House In Portage

You read that right! Johnny’s Steak House downtown Portage is giving away free steak dinners to everyone today!  Simply stop by and tell your waitress or waiter that you saw this promotion listed here at

Drinks are free as well!

Hahaha…APRIL FOOLS!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Creative Metal Works – Montello WI

Wisconsin landscaping home art

If you’ve driven north of Portage or Pardeeville WI on highway 22 you might have seen this colorful and unique shop downtown Montello.  Darin Eggleston is the owner and he creates beautiful hand made metal signs, perfect for outside gardens and landscaped areas around the home, cottage or shop.

There are tons of different designs to choose from ranging from a western motif to garden flowers and hunting styles and designs.  920-369-6631 is the phone number to call for more information. Call now to get your custom orders placed for metal work designed to fit your home landscaping or garden areas!

Deep Snow In Your Yard? No Problem!

landscape-snowshoesIn Wisconsin, the winters can really be brutal. Even little tasks like walking out in the back yard to trim a tree or chop dead bushes out of a garden or landscaping area can be a real pain when there’s 18″ of cold, powdery wet stuff under foot.

This Wisconsin company aims to make a difference: Redfeather Snowshoes. Light weight, easy to put on and very comfortable and easy to use, these snowshoes will have you cruising around the yard and tearing up your landscaping in no time at all! In 2015 they had a great Cyber Monday offer, and we’re hoping for the same in 2016. Until then, check out the Redfeather Website here.

Claim Your Reclaimed Timber

It’s tough to beat the look of old wood chairs, mantels and other home and garden furniture, and nothing beats the nostalgic look of reclaimed wood as a construction material. Timeless Timber of Ashland, WI specializes in locating, recovering and re-purposing old timbers, many of which are found deep below the icy waters of northern WI.

Is Timeless Timbers offering cyber Monday deals? Probably not.  But when I stumbled across this company on-line and discovered they were owned and operated by cheese-heads, I had to write a post on them here!

DIY Wishing Wells For Your Home Landscaping

As a yard and landscaping accent, it’s tough to beat the Wishing Well. It’s quaint, rustic, and invokes thoughts of peace and tranquility. Who doesn’t want to throw a coin in the well, hear it splash and then have your wishes granted, right?

Well first you need a Garden Wishing Well. Buy one? You could. In fact I saw a couple on sale during cyber Monday 2015. But those were cheaply made and not very attractive. Check out this DIY video of how you can make one yourself: