Claim Your Reclaimed Timber

It’s tough to beat the look of old wood chairs, mantels and other home and garden furniture, and nothing beats the nostalgic look of reclaimed wood as a construction material. Timeless Timber of Ashland, WI specializes in locating, recovering and re-purposing old timbers, many of which are found deep below the icy waters of northern WI.

Is Timeless Timbers offering cyber Monday deals? Probably not.  But when I stumbled across this company on-line and discovered they were owned and operated by cheese-heads, I had to write a post on them here!

DIY Wishing Wells For Your Home Landscaping

As a yard and landscaping accent, it’s tough to beat the Wishing Well. It’s quaint, rustic, and invokes thoughts of peace and tranquility. Who doesn’t want to throw a coin in the well, hear it splash and then have your wishes granted, right?

Well first you need a Garden Wishing Well. Buy one? You could. In fact I saw a couple on sale during cyber Monday 2015. But those were cheaply made and not very attractive. Check out this DIY video of how you can make one yourself:

Wood Art For Your Home

moose-in-gardenYou know those really cool wilderness paintings on cut logs. Deer in the snow, flushing mallards, turkeys out in the corn, you’ve seen them before. And if you’re like me you’ve often wondered “Who makes these cool looking paintings?”

Usually they are coated with a high gloss material which really brings out the grain in the wood and protects the artwork as well. Turns out a company in WI produces these fine works of art: These make wonderful additions to any rustic home or cabin or other real estate. Celebrate the landscape around your home with these rustic paintings.

Good Deals Don’t Have To Wait For Cyber Monday

As an online shopping addict, I’ve always loved Cyber Monday. The only thing I don’t like about it, really, is the fact it only comes once a year. Well, I aim to change that with this site. Here I intend to list some of the greatest internet deals and steals on Home Improvement and DIY type products as well as local deals people living in and around Portage, WI can take advantage of.

Who doesn’t like saving money, right? If you own or work for a business and you have a deal you would like to share and get the word out on, please go here.