Tick Alert! Attention All Gardeners And Landscapers

Many of you remember how bad the ticks were last spring. Well, this spring is supposed to be even worse. People working outside in their yards, gardening or landscaping should load up on bug dope starting now. I actually had 3 ticks on me last weekend after a jaunt through a nearby field to collect some boulders for my front yard landscaping project.  Luckily they were wood ticks and not their evil cousins the deer tick.

As you know, it’s these little deer ticks that are tough to see and can spread lymes disease to us humans and our canine and feline companions. ¬†If you look at the lymes disease map here, you can see that WI is one of the worst states to live in for lymes disease.

And don’t forget to treat your pets for lymes prevention as well. Any dog or cat is at rish when it’s out in the yard. Be sure to keep your landscaping well trimmed, and avoid areas of unkept grasses where ticks flourish in the spring.